The Donkey beer

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I love the products with a strong personality.

The Donkey beers from Santorini Brewing Company are multi-cultural inspired, local oriented and made with taste and passion. With their characteristic well- designed logotype, the Yellow Donkey, the Red Donkey and the Crazy Donkey (the first and only India Pale Ale created in Greece-in limited quantities) labels, write their own history to the Greek brewing scene.

I recently visited the small, modern equipped brewery in Mesa Gonia village, were I enjoyed a cool and refreshing Yellow Donkey. It’s the quality of its ingredients, the water of the volcanic island and the creativity of the brewers that give such a unique product…

Unfiltered, unpasteurized and preservative-free, these fresh beers that are rich and full of flavor are here to stay!

words: maria alipranti

© photos by christos drazos


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